La 19 ani ajunsese sa cantareasca doar 38 de kilograme. Transformarea acestei tinere este incredibila - FOTO

O tanara in varsta de 19 ani ajunsese sa cantareasca doar 38 de kilograme dupa ce a avut probleme de sanatate la nivelul intestinelor.

La 19 ani ajunsese sa cantareasca doar 38 de kilograme. Transformarea acestei tinere este incredibila - FOTO

Alyssa Mercado din New York a fost diagnosticata cu o bacterie la intestinele subtiri ce o priva pe tanara de nutrientii din mancare, fapt ce a condus la o scadere rapida in greutate. Alyssa, care a fost mereu slaba a inceput sa se simta din ce in ce mai epuizata in luna septembrie a anului 2015, iar de atunci nu a mai avut putere nici sa iasa din casa si a inceput sa slabeasca rapid.


July 16, 2016- July 22, 2017. Fuller booty, fuller legs, fuller tummy🍗🍳🍴 Not the craziest transformation out there but definitely a huge accomplishment for me considering how hard it is for me to put on size and build my own curves. What I believe has made all the difference between the left and right photo is my training. My workouts have become more intense within the last year and get this... I haven't even been training as often. A year ago I use to train 6-7 days a week for about 2 hours each day and sometimes would even go to the gym twice in one day. Although I'd spend such a long amount of time at the gym I don't believe I was giving my workouts my all. I was guilty of ego lifting and neglecting proper form. I was also not giving my body adequate time to rest and didn't have a strong sense of muscle to mind connection. After feeling fatigued, dealing with injuries, not seeing much progress, and continuing to do research, I changed things up a bit and it was definitely for the best. I now train 5 days a week for about one hour (depending on what muscle group I train). My exercises are more controlled and executed much more efficiently. Form now comes first before anything else🙌🏻 I give my body enough time to recover before training the same muscle again and I eat and hydrate properly. It's so important to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. For those girls out there training legs everyday and not seeing results (I'm guilty of once being that girl) don't be afraid to rest and allow those muscles to recover and grow. What do I recommend? Two leg days a week with at least 3 days rest (you can work upper body muscles on these three days) in between. Work on your form before trying to increase the weight. Muscle to mind connection always🙇🏽 Warm up properly. Stretch. Eat. Hydrate. And don't be afraid to sit home with your feet up on the couch and rest every once in awhile! Less is more ladies less is more🙆🏽

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Imediat dupa ce a fost diagnoticata, Alyssa a inceput o dieta bazata pe alimente care nu contin gluten si a incercat sa controleze situatia. Tanara a urmat si un tratament din partea medicilor, iar aceste lucruri au ajutat-o sa isi recapete viata de dinainte si sa ajunga la o greutate decenta: 48 kilograme.

Tummy full of a gallon of water and some pancakes🙈 but itty bitty baby abs still fighting to come through👊🏻 Holding on to these lil babes for as long as I can but with growing season in full swing, their future isn't lookin too bright. _______________________________________________ I truthfully don't train abs very often but when I do I hit em hard😈 I always try to stress the importance of challenging yourself by using weights during your ab workout. Many people don't realize that training your core is just like training any other muscle. If ya wanna grow ya gotta train heavy💪🏻 A few of my favorite ab workouts include the ab crunch machine, the ab coaster, and decline bench crunches while holding a 25lb plate but don't get me wrong, there are also plenty of body weight ab exercises that I also incorporate into my routine. On top of that, I eat clean a majority of the time and also do a variety of compound movements such as squats and deadlifts which also engage my core. If you're stuck in the same routine and not seeing any results, break the cycle. Try new things, train heavy, clean up your diet, incorporate some cardio, try some compound lifts, and get those abs to shine🙌🏻 p.s 10/10 recommend these gym shark leggings. So impressed with the quality of their products. Maybe I'll do a gymshark giveaway in the near future stay tuned🤔

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Acum Alyssa si-a inceput si antrenamentele la sala unde merge de sase ori pe saptamana si se straduieste sa manance de sase sau opt ori pe zi. Acum va participa la o competitie de fitness si vrea sa ii inspire si pe altii sa isi urmeze visul.


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