"Imi ascundeam mancarea in urechi si untul in par". Povestea tulburatoare a tinerei anorexice care a uimit lumea medicala - FOTO

Julia Janssen ( 24 de ani) a reprezentat unul dintre cele mai grave cazuri de anorexie vazute de medici.

Adolecenta fetei pare rupta din scenariul unui film de groaza. Tanara a marturisit ca obisnuia sa isi ascunda mancarea in urechi  si  chiar isi ungea parul cu unt, pentru a-si convinge parintii ca a mancat. In alte zile refuza sa bea si apa de teama ca ar putea fi contaminata. Boala a inceput sa dea primele semne la 13 ani, insa doi ani mai tarziu a scapat de sub control. Cand in sfarsit a admis ca are o problema si a mers la specialisti, acestia au ramas uimiti de gravitatea problemei. Julia avea 16 ani si 35 de kg iar medicii au diagnosticat-o cu anorexie nervoasa.  



Devenise obsedata de greutatea ei, in mijlocul noptii era in stare sa se ridice din pat si sa faca exercitii fizice ore in sir daca simtea ea ca s-a ingrasat. “M-am simtit pierduta in perioada aceea, nu stiam cine sunt si parca imi era frica sa cresc sau sa admit ca am o problema.  Anorexia imi dadea un sentiment fals de detinere a controlului si asta evitam si dificultatile ce au venit odata cu pubertatea, imi era mai usor sa imi fac griji pentru alimentatie si greutate decat sa ma infrunt cu adevarata lume in care traiam si problemele lor”, a declarat Julia.

To my Instagram family: I woke up today to find that we have reached 25k, which is absolutely incredible to me (I know it is not a lot compared to some other accounts, but for me it is huge) I never would have thought when I started this account over 3 years ago that it would grow into something so wonderful. Some of you have followed me since day 1. You witnessed all the ups and downs (well tbh for a long time there were a lot more downs than ups). You were there during the times I self-harmed excessively every single day, you sent prayers when I almost lost my father to a bleeding in his brain and a lot of you were very aware that in December 2014, I was on my death bed and the chances of me making it to 2015 were very slim. You supported every little step I took, celebrating even the smallest victories and sent me countless words of encouragement on my bad days. It has been amazing to see many of you go from "sick and dying" to blossoming into beautiful human beings. I get so much inspiration from so many of you. I am truly grateful for every single one of you. Even though this is "just" social media, I can honestly say that that some of you have become true friends. This is to many more years of becoming our happiest and healthiest selfs❀❀❀

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Tanara avea tensiunea atat de scazuta, incat lesina de mai multe ori pe zi, iar unchiile si buzele se invineteau tot timpul: "Ma simteam atat de slabita incat nu putea nici macar sa fac dus singura sau sa-mi perii parul fara ajutor.", isi aminteste Julia.  “Am incercat din rasputeri sa ma vindec, sunt inca in faza confuza a recuperarii. Am si acum momente  cand ma uit in oglinda si ceea ce este in mintea mea nu se potriveste cu ceea ce vad acolo. Ideea e ca cineva poate parea complet sanatos si sa se lupte cu tulburari de alimentatie.”, a mai adaugat ea.

Sometimes I wonder how I am even still alive... Do you see that yellow color to my skin in the left picture? That is because my liver was failing. Everything inside my body was failing. The thing about anorexia is...you don't just "get skinny". Your organs literally start to rot inside of you. Everything from your skin to your heart, your kidneys and your bones will fall apart. It is neither pretty nor glamorous. Losing control over all your bodily functions at such a young age is not glamorous. And there is nothing pretty about your mother's sobbing eyes as she has to watch her child die right in front of her eyes. The picture on the left was still many kilograms above my lowest weight but when I look at it, I still wonder: How the hell am I even still alive? Thank you body for not failing me during all these years. I won't fail you this time, I promise❀❀❀

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Acum tanara lupta sa nu mai ajunga in acea etapa din viata sa, este plina de optimism si increzatoare ca viata ei e pe drumul cel bun.
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